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Sustainability can be defined as a continuous improvement approach around the issues of environmental stewardship, healthy governance, economic stability and the positive impact on stakeholders.

About ecovox

Ecovox provides strategic planning, coaching, and communications and change management support in the field of sustainability. We work with organisations that want to integrate environmental or social objectives in their corporate strategy.

Since 2007, Ecovox has been helping organizations identify and realize their sustainability objectives. Whether it’s to « do the right thing », seize an opportunity or simply manage risk, every organization should go through a strategic analysis of what « sustainability » means to them and their business plan.

Because to be relevant and long-lasting, environmental and social objectives must be embedded in the organization’s overall strategic vision.

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Our work

Since 2007, we have helped organisations in the private, public and educational sectors define their sustainability vision, identify their goals and develop their action plans by focusing on communications and change management.

Our Work

Our services

Ecovox provides services in sustainability planning, communications & change management and ongoing support (coaching).

For example, we can help you conduct a strategic thinking exercise, map your stakeholders, improve your waste management, launch a paper reduction program, organize environmentally responsible meetings and events, develop an internal certification program, etc.

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