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Who we are

Helping organizations and people get it is our passion.

We’re communications professionals who found meaning in sustainability. As a result, our work has focused exclusively on sustainability planning and communications since 2007.

We believe that climate change, environmental degradation, social injustice and the loss of biodiversity are real and that increasingly, society is looking to organizations to lead by example. We launched ecovox (formerly ecoverde) to help leaders who have the will to change. We facilitate the transition to a more sustainable future by educating and engaging stakeholders, including senior management, employees and external partners, through meaningful, credible and transparent communications.

We advise and coach organizations on the opportunities that come with corporate responsibility and sustainable development. We demystify the concepts, finetune visions and goals and help communicate every step of the way to engage all stakeholders in the solutions. We are a bilingual, award-winning team that believes that with a little guidance, planning and credible, honest communication, every organization can benefit from sustainable initiatives.

Natalie Lavigne


In founding ecovox, Natalie set out to guide organizations engaged on the path to sustainability. By combining her award-winning 18-year experience in communication and her expertise in sustainability, Natalie acts as a catalyst for sustainable change. While her firm provides a wide range of services that include sustainability visioning, educational workshops and strategic planning, Natalie’s unique expertise lies in her ability to communicate about sustainability with a goal to engage all stakeholders in the solutions.

In her previous life, Natalie held management positions in various organizations including a large multi-national firm, Crown corporations, post-secondary institutions and government (both municipal and federal). Through this experience, she has developed a deep understanding of corporate cultures.

Following her 3rd training with Al Gore in San Francisco in 2012, Natalie continues her work as Regional Mentor for a group of certified volunteer presenters for The Climate Reality Project Canada.  In addition to giving free presentations on the reality of climate change, Natalie mentors a group of 20 dedicated presenters in Ottawa and Northern Ontario.

Natalie holds a graduate certificate in eco-advising from the Université du Québec in Chicoutimi. She is also an accredited business communicator wtih IABC and sits on the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce Environmental Committee. She is fully bilingual and also speaks Spanish.


Sarah Dehler

Communications and Engagement Strategist


Following more than 13 years as a high technology public relations and communications professional, Sarah is now applying her expertise to organizations ready to initiate and advance their focus to sustainability. Sarah possesses an outstanding ability to identify key opportunities for effective communications and stakeholder engagement programs that accelerate sustainability objectives within institutions, corporations and communities.

Sarah’s communications and stakeholder engagement program development expertise spans a wide range of mediums and includes public awareness, product and service marketing, corporate communications and public relations campaigns. Well-versed in the corporate world, Sarah has a keen understanding of the many issues facing organizations as they evolve their bottom line focus to include environmental and social performance indicators.

Sarah completed a certificate program with the International Society of Sustainability Professionals in 2011 and is certified by ECO Canada as an Environmental Professionnal (EP) with a specialization in communications and engagement.