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Sustainability Visioning and Planning

If you have the will, but lack the clear vision, ecovox can quickly help you assess your starting point and your end goal in a unique way that reflects your capacity and corporate culture. We can help you save time and potential frustration down the road by getting your senior team on board and at the same level of commitment very rapidly.

EcoCapacity Questionnaire and Continuum

Our unique ecoCapacity Questionnaire & Continuum offers valuable first-level insight into your organization’s current and future capacity to build a sustainable culture. Using a set of defined parameters, based on indicators developed by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), this tool is designed for organizations that have the will to move their sustainable development agenda forward, but lack the knowledge of where to start. The ecoCapacity Questionnaire & Continuum provides a 360 degree snapshot of your organization’s values, perceptions and capacity, related to environmental, social, economic and governance issues.