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Communications for Sustainability in a nutshell

Ecovox makes it its business to develop and implement communications strategies that educate, inform and engage employees and other stakeholders. Because communicating with and for sustainability brings credibility and trust, brand strength, corporate goodwill and enhanced reputation.

If stakeholders - employees especially -  don’t understand and embrace the innovate thinking necessary to a sustainability vision, effective and sustainable change cannot happen.

In the initial stages of a sustainability program, emphasis must be placed on creating a common understanding, developing buy-in and support, enlisting internal champions – including senior management-, and leveraging external stakeholders and relationships.

As a sustainability program matures, so does the level of understanding on how an organization needs to transform. Momentum needs to be maintained to foster the continued support and enthusiasm as individuals and teams identify and map out the journey.

TheCommunications & Engagement Cycle

Our Communications & Engagement Cycle represents the ongoing process of an essential communications directive that circles back continuously in addressing key stakeholder questions:

  • Why must we change? Why should I care? Why is this necessary?”
  • What does this mean to the organization? What does it mean to me? What happens next?
  • How can play a role? How will my organization support me? How will I know I’m having an impact?”

Throughout the entire process of visioning, planning, prioritizing and implementing sustainability efforts in any organization, communications plays a crucial role and must follow five basic principles of communications for sustainability: transparency, humility, consistency, credibility and relevance.