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Communications & Engagement

Ecovox believes in communications with a purpose: communications for sustainability. We help organizations meet their sustainability objectives through the active engagement of their stakeholders who buy-in because they understand and want to be part of the solution. We develop programs to engage employees in everyday solutions, strategies to establish a productive conversation with external stakeholders and messages to inform and educate honestly and transparently.

Communication is used, among other things, to:

  • Educate and train
  • Guide behaviour
  • Support change
  • Build a reputation
  • Share successes
  • Create awareness
  • Enlist support
  • Foster goodwill

Examples of our communications and engagement services:

Ambassador/Champion Programs :

Well developed and supported Champions Programs can go a long way to helping organizations meet their sustainability objectives while improving employee morale and retention.  We’ll help you define your champions’ role and reporting structure and develop a useful “tool box” to support them.

Stakeholder assessment & mapping

Understanding your stakeholders’ understanding, motivation and interest in your sustainability strategy is particularly helpful when crafting meaningful communications and engagement programs.

Communications Campaigns for Change (waste reduction, energy consumption reduction, paper consumption reduction, etc.)

We can design and implement targeted communications campaigns that use the basic principles of Community-Based Social Marketing* and that have clearly defined goals and measurable objectives.

*Community-Based Social Marketing is about fostering sustainable behaviour by among other things, identifying and removing barriers and using prompts and vivid communications pieces.

Sustainability Communications Coaching

We can provide ongoing support that help you project manage your sustainability communications efforts and provide guidance.